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New Denim Jacket Sewing Pattern for Ladies, Babies, Girls, Dolls, and YES! Boys too! <3

Introducing the Kingston Jacket!



This beautifully-finished, unisex jacket has 5 sleeve options: Classic 2 piece long sleeves, half angel sleeves, trumpet sleeves, full bell sleeves and ¾ bell sleeves. There are also optional side seam pockets and optional front pockets with flaps.


You can either use a serger for a quick finish, or instructions are included for an all traditional denim jacket finish with hidden seams on a sewing machine.

The techniques used are advanced beginner upwards, but the pattern instructions are very thorough with lots of tips so anyone can follow them.

The jacket is designed for denim. However, any medium weight woven fabric will work, and many heavier weight woven fabrics will work too. Great options are: denim, stretch denim, bull denim, low-pile corduroy, cotton canvas, twill, or even an old pair of jeans upcycled.

Sizes are baby, girls, boys, ladies, plus size and even a tiny 18 inch dolls pattern (cute!).

Regular price $9.50 each. Special launch price only $10.50 bundle including girls newborn to 12 years sizing PLUS the ladies XXS to 5XL sizing… and a bonus FREE matching 18 inch doll pattern.

Sale prices expire midnight GMT Friday 7th April so get this awesome bundle deal now while you can!


Happy sewing!

Rebecca & The Mummykins Team xoxo


PS… Make sure to check out what some of our testers had to say on their blogs!

Amy Reinagel’s Why I Love Mummykins and Me + The NEW Kingston Jacket

Tori Priest’s Kingston Jacket by Mummykins and Me

Loni Jakubowski’s Kingston Jacket Test

Kimberly Richardson’s The Kingston Jacket

Valerie Dufort’s A Classic Distressed Denim Jacket

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A New Pattern is Floating Its Way To You!

Calling all floaty/breezy/drapey/gorgeous fabric lovers! This floaty top is super simple but absolutely stunning on.

Floaty Florence top
Once familiar with the pattern most sewers will be able to cut it out and sew it in less than an hour. Plus, there’s both ladies and children’s version – love love love.

There are two neckline options (high and boat line), a high/low hem, a double flat-fell seam option & tutorial, optional buttonholes so you can thread a belt through and 19 mod/hack suggestions at the end of the pattern so you can really make it your own!

A really versatile pattern… It makes for a fab beach swim cover, a sophisticated day look with a belt or go super luxurious with minky and make a cosy winter poncho! Plus it’s maternity-friendly and comfy to nurse in. Yay! <3

Special release pricing – Bundle price only $9 which includes all ladies and children’s sizes ! Or get the ladies only or child’s version only fegular price $8 each). Sale price ends 24 October 2016.

Get yours now at


Floaty-Florence-Childs-3-4-yrs Floaty-Florence-Childs-2-3-yrs Floaty-Florence-Childs-9-10-yrs Floaty-Florence-Childs-9-10-yrs Floaty-Florence-Mummy-and-Me Floaty-Florence-Mummy-and-Me Floaty-Florence-Mummy-and-Me Floaty-Florence-Mummy-and-Me Floaty-Florence-Ladies-M Floaty-Florence-Ladies-L Floaty-Florence-Ladies-L Floaty-Florence-Ladies-4XL


————– Here’s what some of our testers had to say ————–

“Buy it! It’s a fun pattern that’s quick and a great intro to scary fabrics. I’m always looking for ways to expand my sewing knowledge and this was a great introduction into sewing with slippery fabrics. Also, sewing the cotton voile one for my daughter was the quickest thing I’ve ever sewn!” – Amanda Squire-Lee,

“This pattern is incredibly simple yet can be easily be altered to create an entirely new top. This will be a staple in your closet!” – Lauren Sisk,

“This pattern is perfect for all seasons. Just change your fabric types and you can get from summer/ spring outfit to winter poncho! It is so very easy for a beginner. You can’t go wrong with this pattern. The pattern is very simple and loose-fitting and therefore allows lots of variation/ hacking to be made.” – Pimrak Pakdeethai,

“The Floaty Florence is a wonderful sew that looks elegant with its soft drape & flowing lines. It’s very versatile as you could use lighter weight fabrics for a top cover or a heavier weight for a warm fall top.” – Kat Neih,

“I REALLY love this pattern! I usually prefer knit tops but this will get me through pregnancy/nursing and beyond. The silhouette is flattering on a multitude of body shapes and sizes which is rare in PDF patterns these days. I whole-heartedly love this pattern.” – Courtney Wandell,

“It’s a great quick pattern that makes up a beautiful looking garment that can be modified to suit your style and needs. I’m happy and love with how it looks on my body, hiding 5 babies belly!” – Felicity Goward

“Want a different silhouette than what is out there? Try the Floaty Florence! This is such a versatile top. Made without any modifications and with fabric that drapes well this will be a go to shirt that can be dressed up or be casual. It may camouflage certain mid section parts of us and accentuate others. Want a more cinched in look? Add the button holes/belt loops!” – Jennifer Lichak,

“I love having a pattern that uses wovens for apparel. I’ve been in a knit fabric rut for a while! I would say that it is great as a cover-up or over a tank. It’s easy to nurse my daughter in it.” – Kasey Ray-Stokes,


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New Pattern Perfect For Halloween & Beyond – Introducing Cape-tastic

Introducing Cape-tastic… the cape that can be anything you want it to be!


This pattern includes a step-by-step basic cape pattern with hood, as well as full pattern pieces and instructions & how to turn it into a feathered bird.

There’s a coloring page so you can plan your cape… Plus a modifications section at the back of the pattern with over 34 modification options for how you can turn your basic cape into nearly any creature!

It’s a perfect dress up costume for Halloween, Easter or any other special occasion… or a fun fancy dress outfit to have around for everyday play!

Your cape fabric needs to be woven. The edging on the feathers isn’t finished so they will be easiest in a fabric that doesn’t fray such as felt, however you could use whatever you like – leather, vinyl, fur! Serger/overlocker NOT required.

Modifications/options included – Antennae, Applique, Bat ridges, Cheeks / face shapes, Ears, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Eye shapes, Fabric choices, Feather decorations, Feather patterns, Feather sizes, Feather shapes, Fin, Head piece, Horn, Knight grill, Lace, Length of cape, Mane / hair, No feathers, No hood, Nose, Painted eyes, Reversible, Ruffles, Scales, Shaping of hem, Spikes, Tail, Tail feathers, Teeth, Whiskers, Wrist fastening covers.

Children’s unisex sizes newborn to age 12 years. And oh my goodness…. there’s a unisex adult add-on pattern pieces sizes Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large. Now the whole family can dress up together <3 Whoop!

To celebrate the release, you can get the child’s Cape-tastic for only $6.50 (full price $8.50). Or grab it bundled with the adult sizes for only $8.00!! Sale prices valid until 31st October (yes you got it, that’s Halloween!)

Get yours now at


Cape-tastic Cape-tastic Cape-tastic Cape-tastic Cape-tastic Cape-tastic Cape-tastic Cape-tastic Cape-tastic Cape-tastic Cape-tastic Cape-tastic

————– Here’s what some of our testers had to say ————–


“It’s a pattern which you will use again and again because it is so adaptable.  You can make it into whatever you like; it will go wherever your imagination takes you. I like the fact you can make this pattern as complex and dramatic as you like, but even in its simplest form it’s a very pretty item of clothing. It was also a very quick sew which is perfect for when I have the inevitable last minute ‘Mum I need a costume for tomorrow’!” – Amy Myers,

“It is the solid bones of a great creative garment. I love the creativity it allowed. The wing dimensions were wide enough to allow for full “wings” but don’t overwhelm my child. The hood is loose enough that it is comfortable to pull on and off.” – Pam Allen,

“This pattern has endless options, you are only limited by your imagination! The colouring pages give children a terrific sense of creation right from the start of the process. They can have as little or as much input into the design as they like.” – Carly Crocos,

“It is very versatile, easy to follow, and offers a stunning finished product! It can be created in the most simple of ways or fancied up to the nines for a production…. it is an absolute must-have for creative minds!” – Lauren Sisk,

“It seems like a lot of work but it comes together surprisingly quickly! And looks so fantastic in the end!” – Chloe Moffitt

“This is a great pattern to get with Halloween coming up. It’s a good pattern to exercise your creativity – whatever you can think of your child could be. My son couldn’t decide between a fox and a shark so we decided to go with both. This pattern is also easy to sew up if you’re into last minute costumes.” – Kyrsten Sanders

“Go for it! It’s easy and fun plus the kids will play with it all year! I like that it’s simple to put together, has so many possibilities, and comfortable for the child to wear and play with.” – Crystal McGraye

“The sky is the limit with the cape-tastic pattern! From owls and birds to dinosaurs and mice, this pattern can guide you to create fabulous dress up pieces for your kids. Use the pattern as is or go off track and make it your own. Let your kids help pick fabrics and colors. It’s a great grow with me piece. This is a truly fun pattern.” – Jennifer Lichak,

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Free Cape-tastic Modification – The Dalek!

Free step-by-step Dalek Cape Tutorial - You'll need styrofoam balls, spray paint, pipe cleaners and a glue gun. Super cool for all the Dr Who sewing fans out there. Great Halloween lady-bug or lady-bird sewing project too.



What you’ll need:


  • Cape-tastic pattern
  • 1.5 diameter styrofoam balls
  • Spray paint
  • 2 small cups
  • 1 pack white pipe cleaners
  • Glue gun



Start by picking your colors … for this instructions, I used red and black.


1. Cut foam ball in half, use spray paint to paint balls (make sure you are in a well ventilated area). Allow 30 minutes to dry.

2. Cut body of cape as directed in the pattern.

3. Cut 2.5 inches of black fabric using cape bottom as a reference, not adding any length, and stitch it to the bottom of the cape.

4. Cut 2 pieces ½ inch strips of black fabric and stitch them to the top of cape, following the curve with a zig zag stitch.


5. Cut hood to match body color (red), leaving about 4.5 inches off the bottom. Then cut a 4.5 inches piece of black fabric, using pattern as reference, and top stitch.



6. Stitch the 2 pieces together and continue as directed on the pattern.

7. Arrange and glue black half circle foam balls as desired between the top and bottom strips of black on the cape.

8. Glue small cups on the hood where the eyes go.

9. Take 2 pipe cleaners and glue to the back of one painted half circle. Do this twice.


10. Take one and glue onto the hood where the nose would go (I added a circle of yellow felt to make it look like a light).

11. Take the 2nd one and glue between the 2 stripes at the top of cape.


12. Take 5 pipe cleaners to create a mixer paddle, glue to the other side of the top of the cape.










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New Mommy & Me Maxi Dress Pattern!

Long live the summer dress! In summer with sunscreen and sandals, in fall with trainers and a cardigan, in spring with a denim jacket and wedges and… well basically whenever it’s not snowing.

Monte Carlo Maxi

The Monte Carlo Maxi is a gorgeous dress can be made from knit or woven. The ladies version has two top options wide straps for the more coverage and fuller busts, or delicate thin straps and smaller bust coverage. Both ladies and child’s version have three length options (tunic, knee or maxi) and can have either a shirred or elastic casing back. Plus the ladies version is nursing and bump friendly when made in stretch/knit fabrics!

Special release prices… Bundle price including all ladies and children’s sizes only $9.50. Or get the ladies only or child’s version only for just $6.50 (regular price $8.50 each). Sale price ends 10 October 2016.

Get yours now at

Monte-Carlo-Maxi-Childs-7-8-yrs Monte-Carlo-Maxi-Childs-2-3-yrs Monte-Carlo-Maxi-Childs-6-12-mos-02 Monte-Carlo-Maxi-Childs-5-6-yrs Monte-Carlo-Maxi-Mummy-and-Me Monte-Carlo-Maxi-Childs-18-24-mos Monte-Carlo-Maxi-Ladies-M Monte-Carlo-Maxi-Mummy-and-Me Monte-Carlo-Maxi-Ladies-XS Monte-Carlo-Maxi-Ladies-3XL Monte-Carlo-Maxi-Ladies-L Monte-Carlo-Maxi-Ladies-3XL

Sizes included: Ladies XXS to 5XL and Girls newborn to 12 years.

Fabric requirements: Depending on size and options 0.5-3 yards.

Serger/overlocker optional but NOT required.

————– Here’s what some of our testers had to say ————–

“This pattern has an amazing finish – inside as well as out. A summer staple and perfect for Mummy & daughter matching outfits!” – Zoe Lawson,

“Very beginner friendly with detailed explanations of construction techniques. The options make it a good all rounder pattern to suit a variety of occasions.” – Amy Myers,

“It is nursing friendly and can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy without screaming MATERNITY. It also includes options for different finishes so you may even learn a new technique or two.” – Tasha J Gray,

“It’s a fun, easy to follow pattern with a wide range of options to play with. You could really dress this up or down – depending on fabric/notion options.” – Amy Sipes,

“A well thought-out and easy to follow pattern with a number of useful variations using techniques that help you obtain a good fit for different figures.” – Ruth Taylor

“I have never worn a dress that looked as flattering while being this comfortable. It’s usually a trade off. But this! This dress/tunic – it has no trade offs. Look hot, feel comfortable.” – Dale Eva,

“You know how on really hot days you don’t want to wear clothes? This dress is perfect for those days because the skirt really doesn’t touch your legs and the lined top feels more like a hug than a dress.” – Meredith Simmons,

“Meme si on parle pas anglais , plusieurs repaire visuelle est mis a notre disposition pour bien comprendre. (Even though we don’t speak English, many visual references are provided to help us understand the steps.) 😉 Good pattern. =)” – Elanie Jolin,

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Don’t Miss The St. Tropez Swing Sale!

Only 3 days left before the St. Tropez Swing sale ends! To tempt you here’s a few more gorgeous tester photos… this is one top you need in your wardrobe this summer!



St-Tropez-Swing-Childs-5-6-yrs St-Tropez-Swing-Childs-3-6-mos-10 St Tropez Swing - Childs 3-4 yrs St-Tropez-Swing-Childs-18-24-mosSt-Tropez-Swing-Childs-9-10-yrs St-Tropez-Swing-Ladie-L St-Tropez-Swing-Ladies-3XL St-Tropez-Swing-Childs-18-24-mosSt-Tropez-Swing-Ladies-XS St-Tropez-Swing-Ladies-M St-Tropez-Swing-Ladies-S St Tropez Swing - Ladies L

Sale ends on 31st July 2016.

Special release price only $6.50 each
(regular price $8.50 each)
or get the ladies and child’s patterns bundled together for only $9.50!

Get them here:


————— Here’s what some more of our testers had to say ————–

“It’s a pattern for wovens that’s easy to follow, true to size, and turns out looking like ready-to-wear.” – Meredith Simmons,

“You can do so many things with this pattern! The fabric you chose will change the look every time and the fact that you can make tops and dresses, with sleeves or without, is wonderful!” – Allison Gibbons

“Give it a try you may be pleasantly surprised and follow the recommendations for fabric selection because it truly does make all the difference in the fit and finish. Very versatile given your fabric choice, from casual to formal.” – Leanne Miller,

“There are so many small details that make this pattern attractive, the cut out back, the front pleat! Also top or dress length and sleeveless or long sleeve make it perfect for all seasons!” – Maria Luísa Santos,

“It is a lovely pattern and pretty easy to sew up, but be selective in your fabric choice. The type of fabric used could make all the difference. The fabric suggestions in the pattern are right on though, so stick to those.” – Rebecca Holmes,

“It is a great way to expand your skills, and the gathering on the back piece makes it a truly unique garment!” – Andie Hiestand,

“That kind of dress is well-fitting on all kind of bodies. The pattern is so well explained, with a lot a pictures! :)” – Julie Lussier,

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New Mommy & Me matching pattern!

Time for some summer sewing… and just in time for a new pattern release! Yays 🙂 Happy sewing!

Main marketing photo

The St. Tropez Swing is a chic Mommy & Me matching set comes in top or dress length. It’s got a cute little cut out in the back, optional sleeves and an optional belt. Go for the sleeveless version for a great summer staple in light weight wovens such as cotton, viscose or chiffon. Or go for a medium weight knit for a cute all-weather top you can layer. Super versatile and really flattering for all sizes.

All the raw edges are hidden so the garment is as beautiful inside as out <3

Special release price only $6.50 each (regular price $8.50 each) or get the ladies and child’s patterns bundled together for only $9.50!

Hurry, sale price is only valid until 31st of July 2016! Grab them now here:

St-Tropez-Swing St-Tropez-Swing St-Tropez-Swing St-Tropez-Swing St-Tropez-Swing-Mummy-and-Me St-Tropez-Swing-Mummy-and-Me St-Tropez-Swing St-Tropez-Swing St-Tropez-Swing St-Tropez-Swing St-Tropez-Swing

Works with either woven or light-stretch fabrics. Serger/overlocker optional but NOT required.

– Ladies XXS to 5XL
– Girls newborn to 12 years

– Knee length dress, or hip length top
– Sleeveless, or long-blouse style sleeves
– Gathered sleeves at wrist, or not gathered
– Optional belt to draw it in at the waist

Fabric requirements – Dress 1-3 yards, Top 1-2 yards depending on size. Approx 1-2 yards of bias tape, 2 small buttons.

————– Here’s what some of our testers had to say ————–

“The finished product really is a quality garment that has so many options, it can be customized to be worn year round regardless of the climate you live in.  It gives you options for a quick sew or a sew in which you get to practice something or try something new.  It is sewing machine and serger friendly. You don’t spend hours cutting pieces out and get to spend your time doing the fun part, which for me, is constructing the garment.” – Kate Panfile,

“Fabric choice is key to making this a success for ladies!  It’s a fun and flattering top/dress with beautiful detailing and beautiful construction.” – Jennifer Lichak,

“This is a very fast and satisfying pattern to put together. Everyone who saw the dress on my little girl was impressed and thought it looked very flattering on her.” – Penelope Ellis,

“Perfect & versatile dress for any season. This has a timeless design that allows for great movement and willowy look.” – Sofia Henderson,

“For a classic staple piece to add to your wardrobe, this pattern would be perfect.” – Melissa Moose,

“Make sure you use fabric with a good drape/flow. It’s a beautiful pattern with interesting details. Don’t expect it to be tight fitting, it’s going to be loose, embrace it, it looks great!” – Yulia Shikhova Korinnyi,

“Quick sew, versatile for seasons, great value – multisizes, great support from designer/facebook group.” – Keli Golledge

“Instructions are amazing (as always) and the fit and look is so lovely. This is the first time I have sewn for myself and I am so happy with the result and I am completely inspired to make more for myself.” – Kellie Brown

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New Pattern & Summer Giveaway!

Who’s ready for some super cuteness? Some FREE super cuteness?

Twirltastic Tutu

Summer has just arrived here (and Spring isn’t far away for those still in Winter) so it’s time for our MUMMYKINS BIG SUMMER GIVEWAY. Which means a free pattern. Yays!!

Members of our Facebook group can get the brand new Twirltastic Tutu pattern completely free. Go to Once you’ve joined you’ll find the coupon code in the pinned post (it’s at the of the screen on a computer/laptop, or from a mobile/tablet you’ll need to click the link ‘pinned post’ just below the header).

The Twirltastic Tutu is the cuteness tutu about. With yards of tulle and super curly ribbon, it’s literally twirltastic.

There’s an option for either a ribbon waistband, or a crochet band/headband, and instructions for making it more or less full… so you can customise it however you like. Make a light skirt for the dress up box, or go all out for a huge special occasion tutu dress. It’s up to you and your imagination!

Enjoy & happy sewing!
Rebecca & The Mummykins Team


Get the Twirltastic Tutu here:

Twirltastic-Tutu-Child-3-6-mos  Twirltastic-Tutu-Child-3-4-yrs  Twirltastic-Tutu  Twirltastic-Tutu-Child-18-24-mos  Twirltastic-Tutu-Child-3-4-yrs  Twirltastic-Tutu-Child-2-3-yrs  Twirltastic-Tutu-Child-6-12-mos  Twirltastic-Tutu-Child-3-4-yrs  Twirltastic-Tutu-Child-3-6-mos  Twirltastic-Tutu-Child-5-6-yrs  Twirltastic-Tutu-Child-7-8-yrs  Twirltastic-Tutu-Child-7-8-yrs

Sewing level: Beginner

Sizes included: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5 years, 6 years, 7 years, 8 years, 10 years, 12 years.

Options – Crochet headband waistband or ribbon waistband.

Fabric requirements: The pattern includes instructions how to work out exactly what your child needs for their specific waist measurement & height, and also a general age guideline if you don’t have your model available. Depending on their size it ends up at approximately 3-10 yards of 54 inch wide tulle (soft or bridal netting) or 1-2 rolls of 6 inch wide tulle. 16-25 yards of hemline ribbon, and either 1 yard of ribbon or a crochet headband/band for the waistband.

Tools required: Scissors, ruler, measuring tape, thread, sewing machine and a lighter/matches or fray stop/check to seal the edges of the ribbon.

“It is such a fun garment! My little lady LOVES her version!” – Zoe Lawson,

“Definitely a must buy! Eliminates all the stress of having to work out tulle and ribbon requirements yourself and the instructions are so easy to follow, creating a gorgeous skirt.” – Kathrine Lane,

“It turns out BEAUTIFULLY and is worth the effort.” – Carrie Tweten,

“This pattern is easy to follow and the finished tutu is just stunning.” – Ashley Mote,

“Go get it! Every girl needs a tutu in her life!” – Olesya Redina,

“It’s a must have for dress up and special occasions.” – Nicole Remig,

“It is precise and immensely helpful. It’s full of tips that you will find nowhere else.” – Leah Jordan,

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New coat pattern perfect for all seasons!

The Amsterdam All-Weather Coat is here and ooooh it’s so lovely!

Amsterdam Coat - Ladies and Childrens

It makes a perfect light-weight Spring coat, a sturdy cute Raincoat or even a snug winter coat. It’s super versatile and with all raw edges hidden, it’s as beautiful inside as it is out!

It comes in sizes ladies XXS to 5XL, or unisex boys & girls newborn to 12 years.

Special release price only $6.50 each (regular price $8.50 each), or get the ladies and child’s patterns bundled together for only $9.50!

Hurry, sale price is only valid until 11th of May 2016! Grab them now!


Ladies and Childs Bundle

Gabrielle-Armand-Childs-6-12-mos-24  Essence-Underwood-04.jpg  Zoe-Lawson-Child-12-18-mos-06  Roxanne-Deziel-Ladies-M-09


Ladies Version

Cindy-Parrett-Ladies-XXS-14  Valerie-Dufort-Ladies-M-01  Rebekah-Cowin-Ladies-XS-11  Yulia-Shikhova-Korinnyi-Ladies-XS-07


Child’s Version

Kellie-Brown-Childs-12-18-mos-08  Valerie-Dufort-Childs-01  Dale-Eva-Childs-6-12-mos-06  Kelly-Ballou-Childs-18-24-mos-07


Woven fabrics only. No serger/overlocker required.

Sizes – Child’s newborn to 12 years. Ladies XXS to 5XL.

Options – Military-style fabric button loops (pictured), or elastic button loops. Optional shoulder yoke detail and sleeve tab. Child’s version also has a curved front seam or a straight. Ladies version also has an optional back belt.
Child’s fabric requirements – 1 to 2.75 yards of outer fabric, 0.5 to 2.5 yards of lining, 0.25 yards of contrast fabric, 8-10 buttons.

Ladies fabric requirements – 3 yards of outer fabric, 2-3 yards of lining, 1/3 yard of contrast fabric, 10-12 buttons, optional interfacing, optional shoulder pads.

“It’s easy to follow the instructions and the photos for every step are really clear. I think it can be used by any sewing level if the person take his time. Very versatile style for boy or girl.” – Gabrielle Armand,

“Your coat will look & feel like quality (because it is!) A beautiful pattern & well worth having, you will love it!!” – Zoe Lawson,

“It truly feels and looks like a store bought coat when finished. All seams are hidden, fully lined and the princess seams really set this apart.” – Jennifer Lichak,

“This coat is a perfect versatile pattern. We can sew spring, autumn or winter coat only by changing the fabric. Many details, perfect fit.  Amazing tutorial with lots of precisions and explanations.” – Johanne-Julie Lapierrre,

“Overall it was a relatively simple coat that a patient beginner could handle and can be sewn on the most basic machines with a good size coverage and a matching mummy coat in the same style.” – Jasmine Blackman,

“Assembly goes quickly and if you are not yet confident with princess seams, you will be when you are done!” – Rebekah Cowin,

“Your hand will be held throughout and you will be ‘Oh so proud’ when you have finished!” – Vicky Trevithick,